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Scavenger Hunt

You have been given a quest! Lucine needs your help! While shopping in the Fantasy Forêt Marketplace, a sorceress removed all the emojis from Lucine’s phone, hiding them among the different vendors. Using this clues list, find all the emojis to help fix Lucine’s phone! In order to complete this quest, you must submit your emojis in the form below!

♕Using the clues list, find each emoji in the item descriptions for each vendor.

♕Submit the full poem in the form to be entered into the drawing.

♕Scavenger Hunt opens on September 23rd, 2022 at 12:00 PM MT and ends on September 25th, 2022 at 3:00 PM MT.

♕Please note that the scavenger hunt is only open to United States residents, 18 or older unless written permission is granted by a legal parent or guardian, and is not open to residents of Alabama, Hawaii, Kansas, New Jersey and Utah, in compliance with applicable state laws.

Scavenger Hunt Prize Pack

JBTK Zine Bookmark

Black Popoki Treasures Magical Cat Beret

Rinne Kanzaki 10% Off Coupon

Cottonbook Societe de Charmes Enamel Pin

KaetShop $2 Off $10 Purchase Coupon

Darling Dream 30% Off Coupon

A. Gato Designs

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A. Gato Designs is a small independent fashion label based in the DC Metro area. Designs take inspiration from Japanese street fashion trends as well as Alternative fashions produced with mindfulness for slow fashion, inclusivity, and self-expression.

Black Popoki Treasures

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Coming at you from Hawaii. We create things that bring joy to your heart. All handmade with love. We have a passion for all things cute and macabre.


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Cottonbook exists in a soft fantasy world of woodland magic and pastoral harmony. All of the illustrations here seek to bring that world into your home by way of stationery, accessories, and fabric featuring peaceful imagery bubbling with magical life just beneath the surface. Cottagecore, goblincore, fairytalecore, call it what you will - Cottonbook exists in the world of hands-on physical earthy gifts and protecting each other’s magic.

Here, we care about everyday acts of magic, nurturing ourselves and our relationships, and protecting our relationship to the earth and her creatures. In the face of all that seems dark and scary in the world, we find magic in supporting those in need, attuning ourselves to the planet’s needs, and growing the sprout inside ourselves.

Crowned Alyssum

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

I'm 38 years old, I live in South Dakota with my husband and two cats. I'm a psychic medium and have been reading tarot for 12 years or so now. My field of interests include Norse and Celtic paganism, parapsychology, NLP, CBT, mythology, genealogy, Reiki, crystals, demonology, and more. I'm a self published author as well.


Shop | Instagram

Cutiepillar will transform your outfits to their most kawaii form. Cutiepillar uses thrifted and reclaimed materials to create jewelry and hair accessories for jfashion. Queer owned & operated.

Darling Dream

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Darling Dream aims to provide dreamy & whimsical accessories to J-fashion wearers and kawaii enthusiasts alike.

Fairytale Clay Corner

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Polymer clay jewelry and accessories made by hand with lots of love and glitter in Boulder, CO, USA.

Flores Astorum

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Meaning "Flowers of the Stars", Flores Astorum aims to bridge the distance between Japanese indie brands and the rest of the world. Each designer is like a shining star, and their works are like flowers that make the world more beautiful piece by piece!

°˖✧We are a sister shop to Hoshi no Hanazono, a shop that specializes in stocking items from indie designers all over the world and connecting them to fashion lovers in Japan.

Part of Sunflower Seed Company.

HakuAi Designs

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

HakuAi Designs' wearable art ("gabber gear") is the perfect balance of classy and comfortable for all your activities from a walk in the forest to a fancy night on the town. We draw inspiration from our surroundings to depict stories of dogs enjoying island life on fabric, then use them to create all sorts of garments and accessories.

Just Below the Knee: A lolita fashion zine

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

The purpose of this zine is to look at Lolita fashion from a different perspective. This style is ever-changing, so we implore you to break some rules!

Kaet Shop

Shop | Instagram

Hobbyist, vector artist, part-time art vendor, based in New Mexico. I love neons, pastels, 80’s/90’s/00’s aesthetics, (retro)futurism, lolita fashion, magical girls, WLW, cats, rhythm games, and EDM.

Kira Kira Kawaii Shoppe

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Sustainably kawaii! All items are one of a kind & handmade using upcycled/vintage materials.


Shop | Facebook | Instagram

MagicalGirlMe creates handmade jewelry for those who wield cuteness. These designs are perfect for sweet lolita and other kawaii fashions!

Noble Ghost

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Dark, refined, edgy. Noble Ghost is a brand specializing in gothic apparel that is inspired by historical and avant garde fashion. They strive to create pieces that are high quality and a little fantastical. Everything is handmade in central Maryland.

Peachy Queen

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Peachy Queen is a black-owned shop inspired by lolita, decora, and pop culture.

They feature handmade jewelry and accessories for all J-Fashion lovers who need a bit of sparkle for a coord or a boost of serotonin! The goal of Peachy Queen is to one day create plus sized kawaii fashion merch.

For updates, follow them on Instagram or Etsy. And as always, have a peachy day!

Porcelain Song

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Welcome to Porcelain Song, a shop of handmade jewelry and individualized rosaries, specializing in the incorporation of natural gemstones and other organic materials. Queer & woman owned.

Rinne Kanzaki

Shop | Instagram

Rinne Kanzaki is an independent artist who creates creepy cute but elegant art. His art tends to feature hands that express various emotions and words, and is put on both wearable and decorative items.

Sweet Juju

Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Feed your craving for cute! ♡ Lolita, fairy kei, and kawaii fashion jewelry and accessories with a sweet style.


Shop | Facebook | Instagram

TeaLoveCrochet is the creation of one person's love of yarn crafting and Lolita fashion. We design handmade made-to-order pieces and accessories that work with Lolita, otome, and modern everyday looks. Ranging from pieces that look like cute yummy food to elegant vintage-like shawls and cardigans; there is something to satisfy everyone. Majority of items are made-to-order to ensure enough love and quality is put into each piece - or lots of TLC.