Welcome to the Virtual Versailles Fashion Walk and Coordinate Contest!

The theme for this and the in person event in 2022 is the elegance, regalia, and intricacy of rococo and baroque fashion. Please remember that your coord needs to be INSPIRED by rococo and baroque fashion, it can not be a costume. In addition, you can also play on the Virtual theme of this event and do a tech, futuristic, or vaporwave inspired coord.

You can submit multiple coords to the fashion walk, but you may only submit one coord to the contest overall. To submit multiple coords, please submit a new form for each submission.

Sweet Lolita
Gothic and Classic Lolita
All non-EGL

Deadline for submission is Monday, September 20th 2021 at 11:59pm MDT


In order to submit, you must meet the following criteria:

-You MUST be 18 years or older.

-Outfits must be a recognizable J-fashion.

-Outfits should not be sexually explicit.

-NO cosplay or costumes

-NO replicas

If your submission does not meet the above criteria, it will not be showcased in the Fashion Walk.

Submissions will be screened, and we reserve the right to reject any entry we deem inappropriate.


Video format details:

- Please title files with your name and username

- Landscape/Horizontal filming preferred

- .mp4 or .mov file format preferred

- NO LONGER THAN 20 SECONDS. Longer videos will be cut down. Background music/noise will be cut out.

- You can submit pictures if you are unable to film a video.

- Upload the video somewhere it can be downloaded (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive - NOT YouTube).

Show off your outfit however you think it will look best! Closeup cuts, walking shots, panning up/down, and waving/looking at the camera are all good options!

By submitting your media via the entry form, you acknowledge and understand that you are granting Rosé Forêt a limited license to edit images and repost to the Rosé Forêt social media channels, including (though not limited to) Facebook and Instagram.

Coordinate Contest Prizes

Sweet Coord Winner

Magicalgirlme $30 Gift Card

Noble Ghost Pastel Tea Cup Coin Purse

Darling Dream Lovely Unicorn Ring

Kaet Sticker

Rose Foret Zine & Sticker Bundle

Gothic and Classic Coord Winner

Tiny Passerine The Duchess’s Tea Necklace

Noble Ghost Dark Tea Cup Coin Purse

Tiny Passerine Ring of Any Color

Kaet Sticker

Rose Foret Zine & Sticker Bundle

Non-EGL Coord Winner

Kaet Custom Choker or Necklace

Darling Dream Sparkle Heart Keychain

Kaet Sticker

HakuAi 30% Off Coupon

Rose Foret Zine & Sticker Bundle