Rosé Forêt cordially invites you to Winter in the Woodlands, co-hosted by Bay Area Kei and Pretty Princess Club. Join us for a revelrous weekend featuring an online marketplace, fashion show, J-fashion panels, and tea parties. Come together to virtually connect with and get to know other J-fashion enthusiasts from around the world!

This event will take place from December 11th - December 13th, 2020. Check below to see the panel line up. At that time, you can find us on the J-Fashion on Demand Twitch

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$50 Gift Certificate from Black Bird Finery
Bat Rosette and Earrings from Mossbadger

$20 Gift Certificate from A. Gato Designs
$25 Gift Certificate from Dandy Puppetrois
15% off code to Pop Princess

Beret of Choice from Tea Love Crochet
$25 Gift Certificate to Teja Jamilla
Exclusive Snowflake Pin from Chocolat Chaud
Vampire Rose Coffin Rosary in Winter Blue from Neant Glass
Pile of Presents Brooch from Lily of the Valley

Vampire Rose Coffin Rosary in Winter Blue from Neant Glass
10% off Code from Sweet Bitz
15% off Code from Rinne Kanzaki

€10 Gift Certificate from Summer Tales Boutique
$20 Gift Certificate from Paradise Rose Shop
50% off Code from Of a Long Lost Land
50% off and Free Shipping from Märchen Maiden

We'd like to give special thanks to our participating vendors!

Check out the Bay Area Kei site for more info on the Holiday market!


L.o.M.O. Loungewear is a startup lounge and sleepwear company, based in Oakland, CA.  We offer comfortable, quirky, and stylish pajamas and roomwear for those who love missing out, catering particularly to the alternative fashion market.  Our designs are inspired by nature at nighttime, nocturnal animals in particular and currently made in-house by the designer, Ian.



Lily of the Valley designs clothing, jewelry, and accessories insured by nature and fairy tales, and the golden age of illustration.



Lulu VanHoagland is about going wherever your emotions take you. A little cute, a little strange, 100% whatever I want.



A. Gato Designs is a queer owned, alt-fashion brand heavily inspired by Japanese Street Fashion. Based in the DC metro area we aim to create items designed for comfort, inclusivity, and self expression.


Blackbird Finery is a vintage menswear accessories shop - Elevating the present via the accessories of the past.


Chocolat Chaud is a Japan based, artist-owned indie brand who creates limited edition garments and accessories and wishes to add a bit of magic to everyone's daily life.


Dandy Puppetrois is an indie Lolita/Ouji Fashion & Accessory brand that creates lovingly handcrafted pieces inspired by puppetry and play.


Inspired by everything whimsical, mysterious and macabre.


Your friendly neighbourhood witch from the UK; spreading magic, curiosities and a love of nature & fashion through her illustrations!


Hello, I am HaeNuLi, but feel free to call me Nunu. I'm a Lolita fashion designer from Korea. I have focused on Lolita fashion for about 13 years which also included work as an illustrator.

I continually want to expand myself with diverse moods and styles, going from gloomy to fairy tales, doll creation to book design, and everything in between


Kei Collective is Alt Fashion For All. We are a store in Phoenix AZ that features over 50 independent artists who make everything from apparel to stickers. Our mission is to support artists and fashion lovers in their quest for self expression.


Premium clay confectionary jewelry and accessories 


A whimsical fashion brand rooted in romantic fairytales, we're here to bring a little bit of fantasy back into everyday life.


Noble Ghost is a brand specializing in gothic apparel inspired by historical and avant garde fashion. All pieces are lovingly made in Baltimore, Maryland.


Pop Princess, a sweet brand paying homage to modern girls never losing sight of their dreams, or who they are, where in their hearts, fairytales bloom. A local Midwest indie brand striving to uphold the artisan values of creating high quality goods from the mind, heart, and single hands of one woman.


R.R. Memorandum is an old school lolita focused indie brand running out of the UK. We're all about nostalgia and comfortable clothes that'll last you for a long time!


Elegant handmade gothic jewelry that brings timeless traditional stained glass to a modern world.

Handmade with love and care start to finish to add color and wonder to any look.


Of a Long Lost Land creates unique jewelry and accessories inspired by myths of epic romance, mystical medieval royalty, and gothic illusions of a dreamlike world. Handmade in New England, many pieces are one of a kind, designed each in turn to bring the fantastical into the mundane.


Facebook - Instagram

Paradise Rose Shop is a SF based brand that focuses on handmade accessories that compliment wardrobes and complete outfits. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind handmade by the designer, often live on stream on Twitch!


Gothic, Lolita and Visual Kei inspired accessories for those who seek to express themselves outside the box. The brand aspires to inspire everyone to embark on a journey of self-creation; offering a variety of items and styles, discovering new ways to create a bridge between the subcultures we know and love!


Sugarstar Cafe is a pastel shop full of sweet accessories and clothing inspired by cute cafes and toys for you to love and wear!


Sweet Juju was founded in 2014 as a small accessories shop specializing in food motifs to be worn with sweet lolita. Since then, it has expanded to include a wider variety of styles, with an emphasis on versatility and kawaii wardrobe staples. 


TourNewSoul is an indie brand that focuses on creating wearable pieces of art in the form of millinery, accessories and clothing inspired by a wide variety of Japanese Fashion. They pride themselves on their attention to detail, and all of their designs are handmade.


WaxPoeticShop is a lolita accessory brand inspired by vintage and timeless styles. We create unique pieces from delicate lace, luscious velvet trims, and antique pearl beads. Our wax seal rosettes and necklaces are hand-poured, and inspired by the wax stamps that were used to seal letters for centuries!


Tea, Love, Crochet is the creation of one person's love of yarncrafting and is a mix of crochet and knitting. The brand designs handmade made to order pieces and accessories that work with Lolita, otome, and modern everyday looks. 


Teja Jamilla creates printed accessories inspired by her interests in Medieval, Baroque and Victorian art and culture as well as old horror films and alternative Japanese street fashion styles. She creates hand-printed tights suitable for Lolita fashion up to plus sizes as well as scarves, jewellery and stationary.


We’re Summer Tales Boutique, a small and independent sewing studio for elegant and outspoken souls located in the Netherlands. We find a lot of joy in making Lolita fashion accessible for everyone willing to wear it, regardless of height or size and offer custom sizing on all our collections. 


Sweet Bitz is the perfect recipe to create a sweet edge for all your style needs. Take everything kawaii, add in a little bit of nerdy, top it off with femme vibes, and have you the perfect flavor of self-expression.


Inspire more people to use art as a medium to portray their inner feelings and express their mental/emotional states of mind.


Siriusbound creates Victorian, Gothic & J-fashion inspired accessories and illustrations.


Milkribbon is a one-girl business that specialises in enchanting accessories and goods produced in limited numbers.


Our stock consists of themed collections, based on exclusive illustrations, which are handmade and personalised with love. We welcome you to become part of our romantic, real-life diorama!


Mossbadger produces limited edition garments, accessories and textiles that are hand-silkscreened in Chicago and digitally printed by Spoonflower.


Our prints are influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic. We specialize in silhouettes based on Japanese street fashion, and vintage Anglophilia.