Our Story

Rosé Forêt was founded in early 2020. Jamie had a vision toward the end of 2019 to make a large scale lolita and J-fashion even that would encompass several days. She was disappointed in the fact that many of the local anime conventions that once had a lot of programming for Japanese fashion have now steered away from it. Armed with amazing organizational skills, Jamie sought out others who would be just as excited to join in planning such an event. 
We had only a couple monthly meetings before COVID-19 hit and we had to postpone all of our plans. We became a non-profit organization and soon turned our attention to the online community and creating entertainment for J-fashion enthusiasts. This includes regular weekly Youtube videos, biweekly Twitch streams, Tiktok videos, uplifting the community and providing information through Instagram, and creating online events through all these facets and Facebook.
Please consider donating to our organization so that we can provide more amazing content! And we look forward to seeing you at our main Rosé Forêt event in Denver, September 2024!

Jamie (she/her) is the Head of Operations of Rosé Forêt. She oversees the progress of each project and helps in areas that need extra hands on deck. She has been actively wearing lolita since 2009 and part of the larger Japanese street fashion community since 2007. Her favorite part about lolita is mixing patterns and layering. Outside of lolita, Jamie works in healthcare, is a writer, and has a deep passion for science as well as esotericism.

Chantel (she/they) is the Financial Chair of Rosé Forêt and has been into lolita since 2008, getting into the fashion through close friends and local anime conventions. Chantel is a professional pastry chef with two pastry degrees, has an Associates in Hotel and Hospitality Management and enjoys being the data goblin of the group. Outside of Rosé Forêt, Chantel is currently going back to school to pursue a degree in Physics. They also enjoy philosophy, metaphysics, oil painting, and playing melee-based RPG games.

Nicole (she/her) is the Marketing Director for Rosé Forêt. She has been wearing lolita fashion since 2011 and cult party kei since 2014. She's dabbled in several different careers, including animation, graphic design, computer networking and support, and pet grooming and styling. Nicole is described as our resident grumpy goth, having only a dark and spooky aesthetic drawing inspiration from the goth subculture, horror, and the paranormal. Being very interested in biology, her hobbies outside of fashion include fish keeping, gardening, and animal preservation. 

Lizbeth (she/her) is a graphic designer and artist for Rosé Forêt. She has been wearing lolita since 2013, focusing on sweet and hime with a love for collecting bunny and rose prints. She also loves incorporating her outside interests into the details in her coords, from Pokemon themed accessories to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure pins to Sailor Moon and Princess Peach themed ita bags. She loves competing in fighting game tournaments (and losing) and straight up vibin’.

Nari (she/her) is the Social Media Manager for Rosé Forêt. She has been wearing lolita fashion since 2012. Nari wears sweet lolita with a preference for sax, stars, and animal motifs. Besides wearing lolita, Nari's other hobbies include cryptozoology, drawing, resin crafting, and more. She also enjoys collecting miniatures, vintage toys, animal bones, e g g s, and azone dolls.

Rae AKA Jinbees (She/Her) Is co-chair of Programming and Guest Relations at Rosé Forêt. She has been wearing lolita since 2005 and while dressing in primarily sweet, will dabble in hime and country styles as well. She currently runs the Colorado Gothic and Lolita Society and has been a member of the community since 2012. Outside of lolita, she wears gyaru and y2k fashion and enjoys needlework, crafting, and a good serial killer documentary.

As the Local Chair of Rosé Forêt, Meredith (she/her) works on everything from event logistics, to merchandising and community engagement. She has been wearing sweet lolita since 2019, and has since gone on to wear other styles such as fairy kei, menhera and yami kawaii as well. She is the owner of Darling Dream, a shop selling handmade J-fashion jewelry and accessories. By day, Meredith is an Early Childhood Teacher.