La Vie En Rosé



Belladonna began in 2013 when long time best friends Michelle and Rachel decided to embark on a wild journey to create Jfashion clothing and accessories for the American market. Since then Belladonna has had the pleasure of showing collections in fashion shows all across the United States and even a few international shows. Over the years Belladonna has grown and now offers plus size clothing, a large array of kawaii aesthetic jewelry, press-on nails and everything from elaborate to staple Lolita fashion items.

Candy UFO

Candy UFO offers one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, clothing, and accessories inspired by Japanese street fashions. Products appeal to a range of J-fashion fans who love kawaii styles such as Lolita, decora, goth, and fairy kei. The overall theme of Candy UFO focuses on space, aliens, magic, and other dimensions mixed with a cute glittery feel. Candy UFO strives to offer original pieces that bring joy to customers.

Dandy Puppeteer

Dandy Puppeteer is an indie brand that specializes in Japanese Lolita & Ouji Fashion. Our products include jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Dandy aims to create an inclusive space that embraces the idea that alternative fashion can be worn by anyone. Each collection is lovingly crafted and inspired by puppetry. We want our pieces to open windows into small worlds through storytelling and design.

Fantastic Grim

The name Fantastic Grim is concocted from "an omen laced with fanciful wonder", bringing together the light and dark sides of fairy tales. Fantastic Grim opened in early 2013, offering a variety of affordable charm jewelry and accessories made from mixed media. Originally a shop made exclusively for Lolita fashion (Classic and Gothic), they branched out to become more fashion flexible over the years. Over time they introduced jewelry that fit various substyles such as Mori Girl, Steampunk, and Mystical/Occult pieces. Today, Fantastic Grim has an eclectic, rotating mix of vintage accessory styles that fall under the self-proclaimed category of "dream and nightmare jewelry". What treasures will you find today?
The concept of helloxmari is a greeting sealed with a kiss! The jewelry and accessories found here are inspired from my grandmother's stories, a cozy hug-in a-mug-warm feeling, and soft feminine hues to make people smile. It's highly feminine and also trails into a touch of gothic and gender neutral accessories. I hand-embroider each piece to have its own story.

hello x mari

HimeKiss is a brand that introduces real concepts such as mental health, queerness, and self awareness to alternative fashion.
From kawaii pastels to dark street wear, HimeKiss has something for everyone to express and explore themselves while confronting the status quo.



KaetShop is a celebration of retrofuturism and kawaii aesthetics. From J-Fashion inspired accessories, to nostalgia-inducing stationery and keychains, to magical girl and sci-fi art, KaetShop has you covered!


Kittykaya (Kitty-k-ah) offers size inclusive custom print dresses so anyone can enjoy the fashion comfortably. Check out our dresses with Nintendo Switch sized pockets, pet portraits and other original art merch. Kittykaya bridges the gap between comfy and cute!


Lavendorium is an accessory and illustration brand run by owner and artist Mia. All items are painted traditionally and assembled by hand! They range from art prints and keychains, to specially crafted jewelry and ribbon accessories - there is something to match coords of every substyle.

Nemeth Wild

Nemeth Wild is a size-inclusive American lolita brand specializing in high-quality bloomers.

The Dream of Pearls

Offering a combination of upcycle goods, custom tote bags, and retro/shoujo anime related goods, we provide memorable , wearable art to fans of pink, feminine, and vintage themes. We focus mainly on older anime works and products featuring our fan art. Style is similar to logo.