🌸Mystical Tea Garden Virtual Market🌸

All these wonderful vendors will be donating prizes, releasing exclusive items for Mystical Tea Garden, and having sales during MTG weekend! Check out what wonderful items they're offering in their shops and follow their social media to get more updates on their future releases!

Rose Foret Foret

4/10/20215 min read

As part of our virtual market, we invite you to participate in a fun scavenger hunt with our vendors! Using our clues list, find all the lines of a poem to be entered to win a prize. Poem lines can be found in the description of one of the items on each vendor's page. There are 14 lines in the poem, once you completed the poem, fill out the form to enter!

Scavenger Hunt begins April 9th and winner will be announced in our Closing Ceremony on Sunday, April 11th at 4:30pm MST

Scavenger Hunt Prize Pack

Kittykaya Royal Heart Ring

Bibelot Rose $20 Gift Card


A. Gato Designs

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Based in the DC area A. Gato Designs aims to create items designed for comfort, inclusivity, and expression. Everyone should wear the garments that make them happy regardless of how they identify, as clothing has no gender.

Airily Arts

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Exclusive MTG Sticker

Airily Arts hopes to uplift others and spread Kawaii art through her brightly colored work. The New Orleans artist has worked diligently to make people smile in her home city and far beyond. Her works can be found in various fun mediums, including accessories, apparel, and stickers!

Bibelot Rose

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Bibelot Rose inspires and informs aspiring and veteran lolitas alike to overcome self doubt and discover their most authentic identities through lolita fashion. From an informational about page, to an inspiring blog, to a shop full of accessories sure to spark joy, Bibelot Rose has everything one needs to live their lolita dreams.

Crystal Isis

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Crystal Isis is a one-person accessories and apparel brand based in Illinois, inspired by fantasy archetypes and fairytales. We hand-craft whimsical alternative fashion pieces to make you feel like part of a cloudy, sweet dream.

Darling Dream

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Darling Dream aims to provide cute, handmade accessories to J-fashion wearers and kawaii enthusiasts alike. You’ll find ready-to-ship and made-to-order jewelry, keychains, and more to add a special, “darling” touch to your outfit.

HakuAi Designs

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HakuAi Designs features original Akita and shiba artwork created in Hawaii. Artists Aiko, Blossom, and Breeze (the Wans) draw inspiration from their surroundings, such as Hawaiian plants or local snacks, to depict stories of dogs enjoying island life. Most products are handmade by Aiko or produced by local makers. 

When they're not creating art, the Wans work with the Humane Society to make Hawaii a more dog-friendly place and improve accessibility for all good dogs. 

Iris Garden

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Half sweet, half spooky, and 100% kawaii, Iris Garden takes everything you know about lolita fashion, and infuses it with care, quality, and love. Accessories, jewelry, and clothing all to help you feel your cutest, most magical self.


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Comfy, cute, practical lolita art and apparel. Lolita dresses and custom prints and sizing requests are available through social media. Message for consultation and payment plan options.

Le Petit Miaou Lolita

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Le Petit Miaou's dream is to make comfortable and accessible lolita pieces that are as unique as our customers. We try our best to highlight uncommon themes and colors in our prints as seen in our Seasons of Life series. We feature a full elastic back and half elastic straps on every dress, as well as making adjustable jewelry for lolitas of all shapes and sizes


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MagicalGirlMe creates handmade jewelry for those who wield cuteness. These designs are perfect for sweet lolita and other kawaii fashions!

Memento Mori Tarot

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I’m 37 years old. I live in upstate NY with my husband and cat. I’m a psychic medium and have been reading tarot for 12 years or so now. My field of interests include Norse and Celtic paganism, psychology, NLP, CBT, mythology, genealogy, Reiki, crystals, demonology, and more. I’m a self-published author as well.

Noble Ghost Fashion

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Dark, refined, edgy. Noble Ghost is a brand specializing in gothic apparel that is inspired by historical and avant garde fashion. They strive to create pieces that are high quality and a little fantastical. Everything is handmade in central Maryland.

Princess Marina Crafts


Based in California. Princess Marina is dedicated to making faux desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, and macaroons into cute accessories. Accessories such as cake hats, hair clips, and jewelry. They’re yummy treats that will last forever.

starcrossed lovelies

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starcrossed lovelies is a kawaii jewelry brand inspired by celestial love stories and magical girls. Our unique designs are each hand made with love in small batches, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind and full of starshine! Don't just let your dreams be dreams - find the mahou shoujo power inside of your heart and wear it with you every day.


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TeaLoveCrochet is the creation of one person's love of yarncrafting and Lolita fashion. We design handmade made-to-order pieces and accessories that work with Lolita, otome, and modern everyday looks. Ranging from pieces that look like cute yummy food to elegant vintage-like shawls and cardigans; there is something to satisfy everyone. Majority of items are made-to-order to ensure enough love and quality is put into each piece - or lots of TLC.

Trip in the Dream

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Trip in the dream is a shop for every lolita who love elegant and cute clothes and accessories. There is different kind of brands from all over the world. Hopefully you will find your favorite items here!

Twylite Fashion

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Twylite Fashion is a brand that specializes in various alternative fashions including lolita fashion, fairykei, decora, and more! We handcraft many of our accessories such as hair bows, hair bands, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings...etc... We believe that accessories are just as important as main pieces, they can play up certain colors, compliment the overall outfit, or simply bring the wearer joy. Wearing our handmade accessories creates as much of a unique statement as any main coordinates or outfits. We hope to continue to bring more interesting and unique pieces to the world and spread our love for jfashion.

Vanadis Atelier

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Vanadis Atelier is a Swedish J-fashion creator focused on mainly lolita and mori fashion inspired by folklore and fairytales. We want everyone to feel like their most magical self wearing fashion inspired by the realm of the fae, beyond the veil. All pieces are created by hand with care and attention to detail with a sprinkle of magic. Inclusivity is important to us and to this end we have recently started offering alterations for j-fashion clothes and will this spring begin to release original size inclusive sustainable lolita fashion.  Change the clothes not your body.