WITW Charity Drawing Rules and Regulations

Rules for entry for the Winter in the Woodlands Charity Drawing

Rose Foret Foret

11/23/20204 min read

Why This is Important:

Rosé Forêt is pleased to announce, in association with co-hosts Bay Area Kei and Pretty Princess Club, a charitable drawing to benefit the ongoing Cameron Peak and East Troublesome Fire relief!

The Cameron Peak Wildfire is the largest wildfire in Colorado history, affecting over 200,000 acres since it began in August of 2020. United Way of Larimer County has taken the lead in this relief and restoration as the fire came dangerously close to the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Along with ongoing relief of the Cameron Peak Wildfire, United Way of Larimer County is leading the efforts to contain the East Troublesome Wildfire as the area being affected has climbed over 190,000 acres.

With the threat that the East Troublesome Wildfire could overcome the Cameron Peak Wildfire as the largest in Colorado history, we are asking that those interested in entering the charity drawing contest be compelled to donate a minimum of $10 directly to United Way of Larimer County to aid in this relief.

Details in the Entry Methods section below on how to qualify via charity donation.

Other than providing proof of direct donation to United Way of Larimer County, you can enter the charitable drawing via two other methods:
Share Rosé Forêt’s Instagram post raising awareness about the ongoing Colorado Wildfires.
Complete our #roseforetwinterevent Instagram Challenge.

Details in the Entry Methods section below on how to qualify with an Additional Means of Entry (AMOE).

While no purchase is necessary to enter or win the drawing, and we encourage everyone to participate in our Instagram challenges, each method of entry will only count as one entry per person.
You can find the official entry form here.

Submissions will open November 10, 2020 and
all entries must be submitted NO LATER THAN December 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM PST/ 7:00 PM EST.

Please note that the drawing is only open to United States residents, 18 or older unless writtenpermission is granted by a legal parent or guardian, and is not open to residents of Alabama, Hawaii, Kansas, New Jersey and Utah, in compliance with applicable state laws. Winners will be chosen via random drawing and we will be announcing our randomly selected winners during the Closing Ceremony on December 13, 2020, so be sure to tune in!

Prize Packs:

The following are prizes that contestants are eligible to win in this drawing.

1) $50 Gift Certificate from Black Bird Finery
Bat Rosette and Earrings from Mossbadger

2)$20 Gift Certificate from A. Gato Designs
$25 Gift Certificate from Dandy Puppetrois
15% off code to Pop Princess

3)Beret of Choice from Tea Love Crochet
$25 Gift Certificate to Teja Jamilla
Exclusive Snowflake Pin from Chocolat Chaud

4)Vampire Rose Coffin Rosary in Winter Blue from Neant Glass
Pile of Presents Brooch from Lily of the Valley

5) Vampire Rose Coffin Rosary in Winter Blue from Neant Glass
10% off Code from Sweet Bitz
15% off Code from Rinne Kanzaki

6) €10 Gift Certificate from Summer Tales Boutique
$20 Gift Certificate from Paradise Rose Shop
50% off Code from Of a Long Lost Land
50% off and Free Shipping 

Entry Methods

1. Make a Qualifying Donation of $10 or More to United Way of Larimer County

You can obtain one (1) entry to the drawing by making a donation of $10 or more to United Way of Larimer County. You can donate on the United Way of Larimer County Website HERE. Donations will be matched by ENT.
After you’ve donated, upload a screenshot of your donation to this form.

Please note that your donation screenshot must be dated
November 10, 2020 or later- earlier donations don’t count!
While we encourage larger donations, you can only obtain one (1) entry by donating, 
regardless of the size of your donation.
Additional or larger donations do not qualify as additional entries.
In addition, direct donations to Rosé Forêt are not accepted, and will be immediately refunded.
We ask that all participants donate money straight to United Way via their website, which can be found HERE.

2. Share Rosé Forêt’s Post to Raise Awareness About the Colorado Wildfires
Even if you can’t donate, you can obtain one (1) entry by sharing Rosé Forêt’s social media post about the wildfires in our home state of Colorado. This will help draw attention to those struggling to rebuild after the fires destroyed their homes as well as aid in the ongoing containment of the fires

To enter by this method, you must:

a. Follow @roseforetco on Instagram. 
b. Like our wildfire relief post, and tag a friend in the comments.
c. Repost the wildfire relief post to your main, public Instagram feed (not your stories!), and
tag @roseforetco so we can see it!
(Post must be public, must not be shared to your stores!!)
d. Fill out the drawing entry form with a link to your completed post.

You must leave the post up and follow @roseforetco until Winter in The Woodlands ends on December 13 to receive a reward from the drawing!

3. Participate in the #roseforetwinterevent Instagram Challenge
For one (1) final entry to the drawing, you can complete our #roseforetwinterevent Instagram challenge over on Instagram!
You must complete all 5 prompts to receive an entry.

You can complete the prompts in any order, and we encourage you to combine prompts where possible!

Once you’re done, link us to your completed posts using the drawing entry form!

No matter which method you choose, don’t forget: the deadline to submit proof of your donation is
December 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST. We’ll announce all winners at our closing ceremony on December 13, 2020.